Our Approach

Our products fit well into the overall environment, social and economic trends. Our approach is to develop new technologies to produce agricultural products by performing biological processes and based on the evidence from our R&D results. The beauty of our R&D is that we do not use any synthetic chemicals for product development.

We conduct challenging research in the multidisciplinary fields which are related to Agri-foods products together in resolving the environmental problematic issues. The divisions of our research are:


Agriculture and Fisheries

  • Increase crops production using new organic fertilizers (several new organic fertilizers are patented—coming soon)

  • Pesticide removal using a biological process (several patents are in preparation)

  • Produce organic pesticides

  • Produce new organic fish foods

  • Organic fish (completely new in the world)

  • Organic vegetables and fruits

  • Supply vegetables and fruits to first Nations


  • Drug discovery (e.g., Cancer, obesity, anti-aging) from natural products/resources


  • Climate Change

  • Products development from CO2 and other greenhouse gases

  • Marine Biology and Ocean Acidification

  • Biodiversity

  • Urban air pollution

  • Wastewater treatment