About Us


Providing access to safe, nutritious and affordable food to the growing global population is a huge challenge. There are many factors that affect food production, including less land with limited access to water, increased costs of fertilizer, fuel for storage and transport, and contaminated waste water and soil with different harmful chemicals. Our innovative technologies will resolve all these problematic issues. In addition, our products will replace harmful pesticides with organic (synthetic chemical-free) pesticides. Our products are organic and based on R & D findings. We apply innovative ideas of biological process without using any chemicals.


As per our R&D goals, we will produce new Agri-foods and related products and stimulate a $50 billion annual market for at least 20 products such as organic foods (including vegetables and fruits), organic fertilizer, organic pesticides, and organic fish foods. Our research programs supported by R&D funding from various national and international sources.


Our researchers in multidisciplinary biological and environmental fields work together to deliver innovative products and production solutions that address the needs of the Agri-foods industry and advance Canada’s research and commercialization plan.


We are an independent, for-profit organization, approved by the Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada – Corporations Canada. We have a highly-skilled world-renowned research team, engagement from an international Scientific Advisory Board and collaboration with 30 global partners. The ARES’s goal is to boost Canadian growers’ commercial success through R & D findings into results-oriented innovation.



The ARES has three branches: 
(1) Toronto (Head Office)
(2) Mississauga
(3) Leamington (Tomato Capital of Canada) — Production site

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